Talking Boards, Ecosystems

One of the nice things of working in a well connected ecosystem is that people often ask for your thoughts and opinions. I mentioned workshops and panels the other day, last week a post I wrote on the new blog here got Steven Forth’s attention and he asked to interview me about boards specifically and the Vancouver ecosystem in general. It was actually quite nice to talk about the non-financial aspects of our business for once. You can find the interview here.

By way of background, Steven together with Karen Chiang and Lee Iverson runs Ibbaka, a company that at some early point in its life I advised and we invested in earlier this year. Ibbaka provides professional services based on proprietary software on a global basis to companies of all sizes, specifically focussed on capturing value and developing the human resources to deliver that value. They are very focused on how teams work and boards - which should function collaboratively - of course fall into that realm as well. Check out their very informative site and give them a follow.